What If The Hackers Put a Virus or Worm in the US Food Stamp Program Computer System?


programs computers 2018 – Well, there’s a famous quote by a renowned socioeconomic philosopher describing how secure societies could unravel. He noticed that a culture is just as secure as will guarantee the subsequent 3 foods of the populace. To put it differently, if the citizens of a certain state or area miss three foods, they’ll be rioting in the streets and ripping out the culture apart ahead. Should you doubt this historical wisdom, only fast-forward into the current phase and look at the Arab Spring.

In case that is not sufficient for you, think about the riots at Spain, Italy, and Greece only at the idea there may be economic meltdown, or even food shortages. People can get riled up fairly fast and the mass mob mentality will take over. It does not take much. Some say it might never happen in the United States, but to this I say; oh poppycock. It might easily happen here. We have had riots earlier, and we have experienced civil unrest, and we have had looting of grocery shops and merchants. How about the LA riots, Chicago riots, or the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina looting? Have you ever forgotten your current history?

Lately, on Coast-to-Coast AM a guest speaker developed a terrifying situation; an EMP device takes down Washington DC and each the computer programs. Among the very first to really go happened are the “food stamp program” that 47 million individuals are on – he noticed that there may be riots in each significant city in hours. Sure, that may happen, but imagine if it had been something else like a computer virus or worm and it required down just that government computer program?

Now, I’m not one to take part in doom and gloom conspiracy theories, but sometimes I do like to follow that late night chat show to determine precisely what kinds of interesting comment and intellectual conversations could pop up. We’ve got too many people on food stamps which are currently relying on the authorities. Rather than instructing them how to fish, we have given them free fish, and they anticipate that entitlement to continue indefinitely. Do you understand what happens once the government takes away something it’s guaranteed that the people?

Do I want to remind one of the early wisdom previously, or the current rioting we have had in the US, or what we have seen round the world that was far worse? I don’t, I think you to be a smart reader if you’re reading my richly driven philosophical posts. I request that you please think about all this and believe on it. How secure is the US food stamp program? It can prove to be a very unwise option, and this effort to domesticate American taxpayers with free food may come back to bite us.

What happens tomorrow when it’s not there?

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