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Styrofoam™ Brand foam products will be the planet’s most recognized extruded polystyrene insulation materials. Often called “blue board” at the building sector for their distinctive pale blue colour, these foam products comprise distinct compression strengths to fulfill varying structural needs, in addition to excellent R-values that exude their high resistance to heat flow.

Dow, the maker of Styrofoam™ Brand foam products, developed the practice of extruding polystyrene to create moisture-resistant closed-cell foam. The resulting product was proven to be very buoyant, therefore was used from the US Coast Guard at 1942, just a year after its creation, to earn a six-man life raft. Another reason for its usage of this substance is its exceptional insulating properties, helping to maintain the warmth in a structure constant regardless of temperature. Nearly seven years following its own development, this breakthrough product by Dow has become the hottest polystyrene material for construction insulation.

One of Dow’s highly renowned insulation products lineup is that the Styrofoam™ Brand HIGHLOAD collection, designed to withstand overtraining and fatigue and also to present remarkable thermal resistance capacity in high-load software. These branded polystyrene products comprise compression advantages of 40, 60, also 100 PSI in 5 percent compression. HIGHLOAD 100 is 2″ thick, whilst HIGHLOAD 40 and HIGHLOAD 60 are available in thicknesses of 2″ and 3″ Load Cells.

The Styrofoam™ Brand also supplies a complete assortment of other insulation products, including unique properties which make them appropriate for technical building programs. In jobs that call for long term thermal resistance and compressive strength, Styrofoam™ Brand HIGHLOAD series foam products are the best alternative.

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