Trekking Holiday at Iran


Iran is among the Greatest kept secrets in the Middle East and Unites the Very Best of Asia and Europe.

It’s a landmass three times the size of France; a very diverse landscape of enormous mountain ranges, ancient deserts and ice era woods; a exceptional climate which allows for biking and mountain biking 12 months of this year and among the very hospitable and friendly inhabitants from the Middle East. It’s birth place of one of the earliest civilizations on the planet with an intriguing history and tradition and it’s a modern nation with modern ambitions.

Iran provides a number of the best trekking, mountain biking and ski on earth.

The Myth and the Truth
Our understanding of the Iran is still very much shaped by the early Greeks who had been the old enemy of Persia (Iran). For several years children are taught at school about the noble Greeks taking about the wicked Persians at Marathon, while simultaneously inventing an Olympic event, and not much has changed since then persian calendar converter .

These days, the fantasy of a hostile, crazy nation is evidenced by the news media, but the fact couldn’t be more distinct. Visitors are amazed with the unbelievable friendly hospitality and warmth of the Iranian people. And contrary to common perceptions Iran has one of the very Western oriented inhabitants in the Middle East that are a lot more receptive to Western tendencies compared to cultural influences of the Arab neighbors. In most Iranian cities individuals held spontaneous candle lit vigils for the victims of 9/11.

Which Will Be the Locals Like?
Iranians are very proud of their different Persian identity and civilization. They speak their own language Farsi (Persian) and they have their very own calendar that differs from the remainder of the Islamic World and is founded on the older Zoroastrian interpretation of their four seasons. “Norooz” or the New Year is about the first day of spring or Spring Equinox. It is the largest and most significant festival in the Iranian calendar. Iran has a very youthful population, more than two thirds of its own 70 million citizens are under the age of age 30.

Iran is a highly developed nation with an educated and cultured people. Iranian cinema has blossomed recently with renowned directors like Abbas Kiarostami and Mohsen Makhmalbaf, getting international fame; Tehran also hosts an yearly global film festival and publication fair and: town is a center for contemporary photography and art and has quite a few galleries.

Is It Safe?
Iran is among the safest states to journey in. The crime rate is very low in comparison to the majority of Western nations and the anti-Westerner sentiments widespread in certain Middle Eastern nations just don’t exist in Iran. By way of instance, a rising number of Americans play at the Iranian basketball league and are extremely popular with the fans. Even the most spiritual conservative person that you encounter in Iran would not dream of hurting anybody simply because they happen to be a Christian or even a Westerner.

What Is It Like for Ladies?
This is really where Iran often surprises. Though Iran is a Muslim nation, Iranian women are extremely assertive and actively get involved in all spheres of existence. Tasks include not just driving automobiles but racing them also. And every year more girls enrol in universities in relation to men. In Iran, women have the right to vote and be elected as members of parliament. They compose a fantastic percentage of their workforce and it’s not strange to find women physicians, engineers and attorneys in regular life.

Girls aren’t reluctant to use the veil or chador as it’s famous in Iran. It’s enough to groom and protect the hair with a scarf. Men also have to watch modesty in what they use.

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