Homecare – Are Latex Gloves The Best?


It’s easy to think that buying disposable gloves to use for homecare is simple, just buy the first box of disposables you come across, and it can be easy as that. If you use disposable gloves a lot, however, it’s worth knowing a little bit more as it could make a real difference both to your comfort and your bank balance.

Disposable gloves are essential to both the hygiene of the carer and the cared for. Whether you’re bathing someone with sores, changing incontinence pads, or simply tidying the room of someone at risk of an infection, you should wear disposable gloves for a whole range of homecare jobs. But not all gloves are the same.

Disposable Gloves can be made from one of 3 kinds of material, and the right one for you depends on what the condition of the person you are treating is, and on what would be most comfortable for you. The Choices are:

Latex Gloves: Latex gloves give a good tactile feel while wearing them and can be used with a wide range of chemicals and solutions. They are the most economic and popular kind of disposable glove, but because latex contains protein, some people can have a an allergic reaction to them and develop a rash.

Vinyl Gloves: These are not as strong or tactile as latex, but won’t cause an allergic reaction. To keep them strong and usable, Vinyl Gloves are manufactured from thicker materials which also makes them more resistant to some chemicals Nitrile Gloves.

Nitrile Gloves: These are very good gloves. Stronger than latex and vinyl, but without losing any tactile feel, they are more resistant to oils and solvents than latex and will not cause any reaction to the skin. Because of this Nitrile Gloves do tend to cost a little more.

You can then decide whether the gloves should be Powdered or Powder Free. The powder is on the inside of the glove and is there to help you slip the gloves on, and to absorb the moisture from you own hands so that they gloves don’t become slippery inside. Powdered gloves are cheaper (because they are more common), but like latex, the powder can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. The fact that both the powder and the latex may cause a reaction is important to think about for the person being cared for as well as the wearer, so just be aware of this when you decide which gloves to use.

So, how do you choose the right glove for you? I suggest you do it in this order:

1. Powdered Latex Gloves are the most economical and are a good all round glove. However, if you or the person you are caring for are allergic to latex, you should choose a vinyl glove.

2. If you or the person you are caring for is allergic to the powder used in the gloves, then opt for Powder Free type of either Latex or Vinyl.

3. If cost is less of an issue for you, and you want the best quality all round glove available, then order the Nitrile Gloves.

Now when you shop for your gloves you can do so with the confidence of being able to choose the disposable glove that suits you best.


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