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Welcome to Bali

BALI is often described as being too touristy. In my opinion that is a rather superficial statement, as all it takes to discover the Bali which has enticed visitors to return time and again, is to leave the tourist enclaves of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Sanur behind.

Let me help you discover Bali – an island which, although quite small, tends to leave a huge impression on visitors who make the effort, and spend the time, to have a good look around. Phuket tour

Bali is easy and inexpensive to get to

Air Asia operates flights to Bali from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Jetstar also has direct flights to Bali, making Bali a prime destination, serviced by the best known budget airlines in the region. Of course, most full-service airlines also fly to Bali.

Bali offers a huge variety of hotels, resorts with spas, as well as simple bed and breakfast establishments. Of course there are also the typical Balinese homestays, which are often found in family compounds, offering a rare opportunity to observe how the Balinese live.

We arrange holidays to Asia and in particular to Indonesia – The discovery begins in Java, the coastal port of Banten and its noble city of Yogyakarta, home to two of Indonesia’s legendary mouoments-Borobudur and the Prambanan Templi Complex.

In Indonesia you’ll find colourful bustling market places, and treasures by the suitcase load. And, every day, you’ll meet people genuinely pleased to make your acquaintance.

The information contained in our pages provides only a small, but hopefully tantalising, taste of the myriad pleasures in store when you visit Indonesia. There are, after all, more than 17,000 enchanted islands to choose from (convenient domestic flights by jet aircraft connect Indonesia’s many cities and almost as many holiday options for you or your whole family.

In Bali, glorious beaches and verdant landscapes, local food and culture, await. Bali, has long held its crown as Asia Pacific’s unparalleled tourist destination. But beyond this ‘hub you can discover a variety of destinations and experiences. See the world’s strangest and rarest reptile, the Komodo dragon, or sail into quite harbors such as Larantuka in the eastern islands, where life remains relatively untouched by modernity.

And further, beyond the traditional Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Bali trail, venture to the more remote places-Tanah Toraja in southern Sulawesi, northern Sumatra’s Lake Toba and Kalimantan’s Mahakam River as the main destination which includes all the top Hotels, Sightseeing tours, Car Rentals and Air Travel. Cruises are arranged within Asia from countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the popular in Indonesia which covers the Thousand Island tour.

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