Easy and Delicious: Mediterranean Chicken and Potatoes


Bandera, Texas is usually a very warm place; however, now of this season the winds could pick up and it becomes pretty chilly for a Texas town! After performing a morning’s chores, I decided I wanted something hot, flavorful, and satisfying but perhaps not of necessity fattening.

Now I knew I had some very fine Roma tomatoes from the store that I could not resist, a small package of goat cheese I chose up like a treat, and suspended chicken thawing in the fridge. I also had potatoes that needed for use while they’re still good, so I decided to create my Mediterranean chicken and roasted potatoes.

Both the dishes are just flavorful, excel with one another or paired with other areas, and so are really very easy to make. They attract color, flavor, and want to a own table and will certainly reward you for all of your hardwork out!

Mediterranean chicken and roasted potatoes

The potatoes:

You might wish to get the lettuce first since they cook in just two sections at 40 minutes each.

6 moderate sized celery, cut into wedges.
3 tablespoons of lemon juice – bottled or fresh.

Pre heat your oven to 425 degrees F. Spray a pan big enough to carry all your sausage using a non-cook spray.

Simply take your dried and cleaned onions and slice them in half lengthwise. Place the flat side down and cut into half and again twice so you’ve got evenly-sized wedges. The closer in dimensions that the wedges are widthwise, the longer uniformly they will cook.

In a separate container, mix the oil, lemon juice, oregano together. Add the garlic to the oil mix and then stir fry well.

Place the potatoes in a bowl and salt and pepper them. Toss them around just a bit to be certain that the S&P gets on each of the berries. Add the oil into the bowl.

Wash the hands thoroughly and use the hands to mix the oil and potatoes. It’s true, you are going to smell like garlic. If that bothers you, then use vanilla infusion into your hand-washing soap when you are finished pitching the potatoes. If this does maybe not disturb you, you want me. I like garlic, love the smell of it, also I don’t mind getting a tease of it here and there since I’m cooking!

Place the oiled celery to the skillet and then put the water to the base of the pan. This is the key to roasting potatoes without them becoming obese and sponge like. (Don’t tell your friends – let them just imagine you are a genius.)

Place the potatoes into the oven and place the timer to 40 minutes. While the first 40 minutes is taking place, you’ll be able to prep your ingredients to the curry dish.

When your timer is upward and your potatoes are switched and bathed, set the timer for the following 40 minutes; utilize this time to really cook the chicken dish. The complete cook time is going to probably be 1 hour and 20 minutes.

34 chicken breasts, then washed and then salted and peppered, cut into halves or thirds.

I’m going to continue a cooking rant – I can simply believe it bubbling up inside me, so buckle up as here we move.

Cast Iron. No no, no more – I understand – they are heavy, they’re confusing some times, they don’t really have the ever cherished teflon non-stick individuals are of the opinion that they MUST possess – but really… if you can just try one nice huge cast iron pan, I promise that you will hear angels sing, and watch fireworks, and have it to marry you.

OK maybe I’m exaggerating a wee tad. But badly – a well-seasoned castiron pan will rock your world as well as your cooking and even clean up time! If you’re new to throw iron pans, I’ll post an article about how to select, use, and enjoy these.

Therefore – no matter what pan you decide on (subliminal messaging: cast-iron) you may wish to warm the pan to medium/medium-hot. If you employ stainlesssteel, I some times use a simple nonstick spray to help wash up. Once the pan is good and warm, add your oil and let it heat.

While the oil is heating, combine most of your other ingredients with the exception of 1 / 2 of the onions and most of the lemon juice into a Best Falafel in Falls Church and Arlington bowl and allow them to meet one another. Toss on your seasoning, then provide them a little stir so that they truly are mingling and getting happy, then get ready to do more along with your poultry.

Eat at least 2 olives and pretend that you are doing quality control on the way. Do not tell anybody you did it deny it vehemently if anyone suspects such a thing!

Note in this instance I used green yolk since we had an event and ate each the black olives. Oops! I really can’t resist olives!

Gently nestle the seasoned chicken breasts into the olive oil. I truly think that the care you share with the food you are cooking and the fun you let yourself have arrives in the caliber at the ending. Love the process! Listen to them as they hit the pan. Let them have a little bit of a wiggle therefore that the oil gets under them and they stick somewhat less. Then let them be for a bit.

You want the one side of this poultry to sear a bit. You never want to micro manage the meals, poking it, looking at it, moving it around; you will rage it and it is going to pick it really wants to destroy your dinner party. Allow it to only break before usually the one side is at least white (not pink), also instead has a small color to it merely somewhat.

If you’re impatient and you really just can’t resist doing some thing to it, show it some love by putting a few more seasonings at the top side.

Once the poultry is prepared on one side, go right ahead and flip it over to give the flip hand some color.

Caramelizing the onions adds to the thickness of flavours.

Now I inserted that the allowed 1 / 2 of the onions into the skillet to start to get a shade and caramelize a bit. To me personally, there are only a few flavors that really create a dish as interesting since caramelized onions. Cook until the chicken breasts have been nearly cooked approximately ten minutes.

Once the onions have found color and the chicken breasts consumed as well, dump the tomato mixture into the pan with the chicken. Stir the tomato mix around the chicken gently so the berries along with the chicken both have a opportunity to touch the ground to continue cooking.

Breathe in deeply and enjoy the aromas. Tangy, rich, bright, profound – they are all there.

Turn down your heat to medium/medium-low therefore that you do not cook this too fast. The objective is to allow the berries cook down and lose their structure, although perhaps not to burn them let them get overly lean.

Proceed occasionally and use a spoon to lift the tomatoes that are cooked, put them on the chicken, and also allow the still-uncooked tomatoes obtain their turn at the base of the pan.Once about 50% of those tomatoes have been cooked, I turn over the chicken. Use a spoon to grab the juices from the berries and then wash the chicken bits in them. Simply take your lemon juice and sprinkle on top of the chicken pieces, season with a little more salt and pepper – just a little.

When all of the berries are finished and also the chicken is finished, about 15 minutes, put 2-3 pats of butter to the sauce and then stir it in to finish your own sauce. Get your hot plates ready.

For this dish, then I set the potatoes on the plate. Then you definitely function the chicken together with it, or in addition to the sausage. That being said, I think serving them on the medial side is best as the roasted berries keep crisp and you can always drag them over into the tomato sauce to pick up some of the snacks. Yum!!

Squeeze a little bit of fresh goat cheese crumbles on top of this poultry. Then be sure to eat any of the additional goat cheese since it’s Just That Good!!

This is a dish that’s piquant, hot, so simple to cook, and very pretty with its own greens and reds topping the gorgeous gold poultry. Make sure you share it with close friends and loved ones.


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