Fizzy Bath Products: Their Composition And Health Benefits


After a daylong work, exhaustion may cause you to sink in restive slumber. A fizzy bath can bring your lost energy back and reinstate you to face challenges again. Fizzy bath is commonly considered as godsend after a hectic day at work. It helps your body to relax and ease muscle tightness. The fragrant aroma oozing out of it can enliven you and help you forget all about the stressful day. You might know them by various names. They could be bath bombs, or simply ‘fizzy.’ Whatever names you know them by; they can invigorate you from inside.

Now, when it comes to making a choice between home-made fizzy bath products and commercial ones, you might dither a bit. The first thought that might crop up in your mind after coming to know of these two choices is that home-made products must be the better one. You might also reason with yourself saying that commercial products might not be as good as the biodegradable and natural home-made fizzy bath products are. They might also have adverse effects on your body and soul due to the presence of chemical agents, apart from being costlier.

There is no denying of the fact that any such natural products are good for health. They can give a feel-good impact, generate inner-power and reduce waste stored in you. On the other hand, there are many commercial fizzy bath products that can be found with sparkles, foaming agents, and dyes. They are sure to effect the skin of their users adversely due to the presence of phosphates into them. In this light of discussion, the home-made bath products will certainly be the better option.

Composition of Home-made Bath Products fragrant bath bomb:

All these bath products made at home contain three main ingredients for the base. They are corn starch, baking soda and citric acid or vitamin C. To add fragrant aroma, flower petals and perfumes are used. Essential oils can enhance the natural fragrance. Those who are allergic to crude fragrance can simply stay with flower petals and essential oils. These two ingredients are less likely to stain the tub too.

Health Benefits:

A fizzy bath can give a healing experience to the body, mind and soul after a daylong work. They give an inspiring feel to the spa aficionados. Besides, they can give relief to the following symptoms:

1.Muscle pain

2.Restive slumber symptom

3.Anxiety and stress

4.Cold and sinus

5.Low energy



Whether you buy such a product from the market or prepare one at home, make sure the base ingredients, such as baking soda, citric acid or natural fruit acid, and sea salt, are present in the product, apart from essential oils for fragrance, such as rose, orange, or lavender. There are many fizzy bath products which contain spices like crushed bits of cinnamon sticks or cloves, ginger, etc. You may go for any of the two choices. But, whatever choices you go for, make sure your focus is always on the originality.

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